Culinary highlights 

in the fairy-tale mountain scenery of Lagalb


What a combination! Corvatsch, the large raven. Smart, breathtaking and free as a bird. Diavolezza, the she-devil. Passionate, icy hot and devilishly beautiful, like flames in the snow. And Lagalb, the white lake. Unspoilt, magnificent, perfect for adventures on water and ice.

Club 8848 – the Challenge

The Lagalb ski run eleven times (on skis or snowboards, by telemark skiing or freeride skiing) and
climb the footpath between the mountain station and Piz Lagalb four times.

La Rösa firn snow run

Enjoy the sensational run on firn snow down to the La Motta customs house in the Poschiavo valley. 

Corvatsch 3303
Corvatsch Park