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  • CHF 10 per challenger, incl. challenger-kit, power-bar and 1 year membership
  • CHF 50 per ski school and ski club from 6 people (CHF 100 from 15 people) incl. challenger-kit, power-bar and 1 year membership

This is how it works:

After your registration, you go to the check-in desk at the Lagalb mountain station. Here CHF 10 buys you the challenger-kit (CHF 50 for ski schools and ski clubs from 6 people, from 15 people CHF 100), consisting of tracking-card, zipper, armband and a power bar. 

You fill in your personal ID, date and signature on the card and then decide whether you want to climb Piz Lagalb first or tackle Graubünden's steepest groomed ski slope.

There are hole punches on the summit and at the valley station, for recording how many laps you have done. As soon as you have completed all the laps, put your documents in the checkout box at the valley station and you will receive your certificate by post.

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